5 Best Camera Apps for Android to click on the quality snap

5 Best Camera Apps for Android to click on the quality snap

10 Best Camera Apps for Android to click on the quality snap
10 Best Camera Apps for Android to click on the quality snap

Camera phones with blurry output and slow shutter speed were not good. But today, the camera on the latest smartphone is a great deal. In fact, smartphone companies are getting vulnerable for a while to improve their camera in low light and they want the features they need for their users. The issue is that the cameras are quite important on smartphones nowadays, and despite the manufacturer's best efforts, the default camera app has not got the stability privilege. It was originally converted into third-party camera apps to capture more amazing images from the Android camera and capture more amazing images. So today, we will share the 10 best mobile camera apps available on the Android Play Store.

The best camera app for Android:

  The collection of camera apps available for Android photographers is varied, which converts high-contrast views into HDR images from those apps that add multiple images at once to create collages and panoramic images. In the meantime, you'll also find camera apps, which are predominantly portrait-specific, landscape-specific, time-visual apps, and even apps that turn people into zombies. In this blog, you'll find top camera app for Android smartphones who really want to get the correct shot.

1 - Retrica

  If you prefer natural for vintage or cross-processed beauty pictures, then Retrica may be your best-known camera app. Retrica is designed to be easily used and does not provide any manual control over your camera. However, Retrica has more than 100 different filters which contain a wide range of effects and colors. Unlike other filter-specific Android camera apps which allow the filter to be processed in the processing phase, allows the implementation of the filter at the point of the capture of the retrio. This way, Retrica allows its users to see live previews of how it will look. And if the user cannot decide the filter, then retrica also provides a 'random filter' option that users can press until they like something. Apart from this, Retrica's camera control is also very rare, making it an ideal camera app that provides instant and quality results. In addition, developing an app like Retrica has also become an easy task. And if you are interested in learning ways to create apps like Retrica for the iPhone, then you can watch our two-part tutorial series to get started.

Key Features:

1. More than 100 filter effects 2. Random filter button 3. Free

2 - IEEM

  IEEE was one of the original online camera communities, allowing fellow mobile photography enthusiasts to share their work and browse others' work. Launched in 2011, IEEM has a community of more than 13 million members today. While the community factor is a big part of the draw, but IEEEM has converted it into stock photography and contributes 50% to its contributors to all the pictures they sell. Therefore, if you like the idea of selling your images, then you only have to register on the platform and start selling your mobile images. In addition, there is no inbuilt camera in the app, but you can use other camera apps on your device within the IEME app. In addition, you can browse your smartphone's image gallery to select any image you want to upload or edit. There are 24 different digital filters in IEEM, as well as the standard range of image-enhancement tools.

Key Features:

1. 24 digital filters 2. Community for mobile photography enthusiasts 3. Opportunities to sell images 4. Free

3 - Adobe Photoshop Express and Lituroom

  Adobe currently offers two Android camera apps: Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Photoshop Lituroom. They are both goods in their own right. The main difference is that pre-mobile photographers are more than one-stop fixes that allow users to import, edit, and share images within the app. On the other hand, Photoshop lighter, you need to be the owner of the desktop version of litteroom to get the full range of its functionality. Now, which of these is right for you depends on your needs. For many people, Photoshop Express is more likely to be more convenient and useful, while others have the ability to sync mobile images with the desktop. Either way, both apps have a wide range of functionality and a good collection of digital filters. In addition, both Adobe Apps are also fully compatible with DNG raw files which are also made by smartphones.

Key Features:

1. Compatible with DNG raw files 2. Good collection of digital filters 3. Free

4 - Google snapped

  Snaped was originally designed and launched by the same team responsible for legendary Nick Software Photoshop plugins. It is now owned by Google. Google Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps with a powerful raw-friendly editing tool, specially designed for touchscreen devices. Intuitive to use SnapD and combines a wide range of filters with advanced one-click photo editing tools and advanced processing options. Users can use their local adjustment tool for dosing and burning, and they can also add selected focus to their images. Photo editing options in snaped are controlled through intuitive drag-and-drop swipe controls that work perfectly with small touchscreen devices. The app can also be used to add frames and text to images, along with a series of sharing functionality.

Key Features:

1. Frames and text options 2. Local Adjustment Tool 3. Also available for iOS 4. Free

5 - Picture Art Photo Studio

  PicsArt is an all-in-one Android photo editing app that allows its users to click pictures, process images, apply different effects, create collages and share on social platforms. While the inbuilt camera of the app is a bit basic, image processing and effects modules are widely available in the market. PicsArt, its advanced features such as curve adjustment, cloning, and all standard adjustments are among the most preferred camera apps for Android smartphones. There is also a large collection of digital filters, besides masking effects, clipart, frame, stickers and more. And if you want to share your photos on social media, then its options are easily available. The only issue for PicsArt users is that it takes a little bit of app layout.

Key Features:

1. Curve adjustment 2. Make collage 3. Available for iPhone and Windows 4. Free


While hundreds of different identical camera apps are available in the Google Play Store, but the above 10 apps currently make rules on the market. However, this does not mean that other apps have failed. Many of them earn their fair share from the market and many mobile photography enthusiasts are also useful.

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